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EQ screener, Soctal Emotional Learning gamification & digital media curriculum, class management & parent/teacher training

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Dedicated Educators

As educators ourselves, we understand the pressures that teachers face to squeeze in all the core content that’s why we have developed a SEL curriculum that can be delivered in a fun and easily accessible format to engage learners and actual provide teachers a SEL learning tool that can be used at any time throughout the day (i.e. transitional times, independent seatwork, down time, etc.) without adding additional responsibilities or detracting from core content.

First-Rate EQ Screening & Progress Monitoring

An EQ screener is used to identify strengths and targets for intervention.  A tailored approach is used to design an individualized program.  Progress is monitored in game and through periodic rescreening within a multi-tiered system. The periodic rescreening and ongoing progress monitoring allows for comparison against individual results as well as group results.  This aids in determining the delivery of interventions such as with frequency, duration and intensity. 

Top-Notch Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum

We have designed a web based SEL curriculum delivered via gamification and other engaging digital media to target skill building in areas of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Growth Mindset.  EQ is thought to be twice as important to future success than IQ.  Unlike IQ, EQ can be improved through learning.  In addition we have included a classroom management system based on ABA principles as well as concepts we’ve learned about motivation from gaming.  

Business Model

EQK12 is in the early stages of development.  We are currently seeking investors, collaborators and industry consultants. Please reach out if you feel you can assist in some way.  

EQK12 Business Model (pdf)


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